For extensive information on legal protections for renters and homeowners during the health crisis, you may visit:

National Housing Law Project's (NHLP's) Covid Campaign webpage

Articles linked to that webpage cover topics such as:

  • Federal Eviction Moratoriums
  • State and Local Eviction Moratoriums
  • COVID-19 Litigation Resources
  • Tools for Tenant Advocates – such as:

Court challenges to evictions during the pandemic generally, based on unfair eviction procedures due to Covid-related restrictions on court proceedings (“Procedural Due Process Challenges”)

Federal court challenges to state eviction proceedings during the pandemic

Tenant rights of domestic violence survivors during covid-19: A resource for domestic violence and housing advocates

Reasonable accommodations and disability discrimination in the context of covid-19

  • Homeowner Protections and Resources


For a summary of tenant protections by state (including protections

during each step of the eviction process) you may visit

the Eviction Lab at Princeton University’s Housing Policy Scorecard.

For a list of Covid-related eviction protections enacted by cities,

towns, and villages in the United States, you may visit:

National League of Cities’ COVID-19: Local Action Tracker.

For a list of what each state’s court system has decided about reopening

(that is, allowing in-person hearing and trials), you may visit:

National Center for State Courts, Coronavirus and the courts, which provides an interactive look at current state court restrictions and plans to resume operations; or

Ballotopedia, Court closures by state webpage, which includes a chronological account of court closure decisions by state.

For another list of buildings that were subject to the federal CARES Act eviction moratorium, you may visit

the list of Multifamily Properties Subject to CARES Act Eviction Moratorium

created by the National Low-Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC).


Please note: The information found in all databases linked to this article

may not be fully up to date, as the situation changes regularly.